Suit Styles & Colors

Men’s formal wear is evolving fast! That’s exciting, but keeping up with the hottest threads can feel impossible. Rest assured, our company revolves around simplicity. Purchasing a suit should not be difficult. Which is why we go by THREE EASY RULES when purchasing a suit. Color, Quality, and Fit.

1.) Suit Color We offer 5 popular and stylish suit colors. Light Gray, Charcoal, Black, Navy Blue, and Tan. This gives you some options of the route you want to take depending on the event/occasion that your suit is for and when you will be wearing your suit.

2.) Quality

Suit quality is something we take very seriously. We are men and we are hard on our suits. We work, meet, and party in our suits. Quality material is the almost more important to us that the fit. We want you to wear your suit for multiple special occasions, not just one. Each of our suits are made from Super 120’s wool.


Previously we said quality is almost important than fit. If you purchase a suit online using a virtual system 9 times out of 10 it will show up 3 times too big. We make sure your suit fits like a glove. With our in-house alterations department, we will make sure you have an impeccable fit!

For more information about our suits, use the live chat feature on our website! We would love to work with you on your upcoming event!

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